Running With Fibromyalgia

Hi, thanks for stopping by. My own personal place for talking about coping with Fibromylagia. Finally diagnosed in 2012 I have been trying to find my way through this ever since.

This site is for all the Fibro Warriors. I wanted to create something that spoke about Fibromyalgia from a sufferers point of view that may also raise awareness at the same time. A place for people to share what they are going through.

One thing I have found is that Fibro can be a very lonely illness so I also want to share what it is like to live with Fibro. I also want to share my journey as I look to undertake one of the hardest challenges of my life.

In April 2016 I am attempting to run the Brighton Marathon. Since I was diagnosed I have tried to fight back in the only way I know how – competing. I run and that allows me to continue to compete. Fighting Fibromyalgia helps to keep me slightly on top of it. A majority of people will question what I am doing and even if I am truly ill. I am and this is just my way of trying to cope. If I don’t challenge the illness and myself I may lose to this hell. This will push me beyond anything I can even imagine. I have no idea what will happen or even if it is possible. I don’t know what this will do to the pain being created by my body. I don’t know if I will cope. But I have to try.

I’m not trying to be big or clever I’m just trying to fight.

So this is my journey.

For those new to Fibro – it’s a chronic pain syndrome that causes constant pain and tenderness all over your body 24 hours a day – and there is no cure. The severity differs from each sufferer and no two cases are the same. And as if that wasn’t enough the side effects that live along side this syndrome is stupidly long and stupidly frequent.

Running is my way of remaining “me”, remaining “normal” and continuing to beat this hell.

I hope you enjoy the journey, I hope you join me. I believe that being as active as possible helps. I also know that isn’t possible for every sufferer. But if this site helps to get people trying and seeing what is possible then that is awesome. If it can only support or just give a voice that comforts then that is just as awesome.

Together we are stronger. Never Give Up.

Get in touch, let me know what you think, share your story and get involved.

Fibromyalgia Awareness

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