Stubbington 10k 2015 – Sometimes it doesn’t make sense

The start, Stubbington 10K race

Stubbington 10kThere are times when a race goes a certain why and you can’t explain it.

Leading up to the Stubbington 10k I wasn’t feeling it. All training had hurt, which in itself is normal thanks to this curse that is Fibromyalgia but I wasn’t getting past the wall. When I train I never get past the pain but there comes a point when you feel like you turn a corner. It becomes looser. Your not stiff, you feel like you have fuel in the legs and you feel you have the ability to kick on as and when you need to.

But I hadn’t felt it.

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The Thames Path 100k – What Have I Done

Thames Path 100k Challenge

Thames Path 100k ChallengeIt seemed like a good idea, it really did.

I’ve a very stubborn mind, even with Fibromyalgia. It doesn’t matter how ill I get, I can’t turn off this competitive mind of mine. The fact that the Fibro attacks me doesn’t help. The harder it hits me the more determined I become to run harder to show it I can’t be beaten.

The reality is, I can and sometimes Fibro wins. It stops me putting on my trainers, let alone trying to run.

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