5 Reasons I Run With Fibromyalgia

5 Reason I Run With Fibromyalgia

Andy WilliamsLike all Fibro sufferers I wake in pain.

I spend all day trying to fight the continued pain just to get comfy, just to live my every day life.

I try to put a smile on, I try to hide the limping, I try not to make a noise every time I move that shows I am suffering. I don’t want to be seen as a sufferer. I want people to see me as Andy. The only problem is Fibro has taken Andy. No matter how much I try and fight I spend most of my time wishing I was still him, constantly hunting for him and wishing I could just spend 1 day with him again.

But there is one thing I do that is him. I may not have the same look on my face when I am doing it as I used to but it’s my “normal”.

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