A Little Bit Of Sun Makes All The Difference

The Sun Is OutSo far in 2015 I have struggled hugely with getting out the door running.

Fibro has been the main cause, a change in job has also played it’s part in taking up my time but in truth any excuse has easily held me back and put me on the sofa instead of out in the street running.

It’s something that isn’t like me. Since being diagnosed I have been able to at the very least have the frame of mind to be able to try and take this thing head on. But recently I have failed and that has got me down.

None of this is any help when you have set up your first UltraMarathon in September.

I need to train and I need to do it really quite soon. I know I have taken on a huge challenge that to be quite honest with you may not be possible. Taking on an Ultra without anything wrong is hard enough, taking it on with Fibro, well who knows. I may get to half way (halfway, I’ll take that right now) and my body may just give up. Hell I may only get to 10 miles, I know I can do that.

But over the last week or some something has changed. THE SUN HAS COME OUT.

Oh man what a world of difference this has made. Suddenly fighting this has changed. Faced with the option of going out for a run when feeling in pain while the sun is out is a whole different world to that of trying to drag my arse out the door into blistering wind and rain.

We have been lucky, it hasn’t exactly been the coldest of winters but when your joints and bones ache to high heaven it’s certainly a long winter.

Being able to get out there in the sun and run has been so amazing. I’m not sure I can describe how good it has been.

In fact it was so good I ran too far, twice in three days. Having not run for so long it just felt so good to be out there, feeling free, feeling normal.

I talk a lot about “normal” but its so important when your body no longer feels like your own. You will do anything that makes you feel normal. In my case I kind of go over the top sometimes but all the pain after and the next day was worth it. It was like a treat. A reward.

Running In The Sun


So I guess training has kind of started. I pray the sun is here to stay for a while. If only for the feeling it brings.

You all have to try it. You don’t have to run just get out there, get in the sun. It feels amazing and it give you a chance to feel the warmth on your skin and pretend everything is ok.

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