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Andy Williams – Fibro Warrior

I’m a Dad of two amazing children. They are amazing and certainly keep life interesting and non stop. Watching them all grow is wonderful and changes your life more than you can imagine.¬†Being a Dad is the greatest job in the world.

It’s certainly changed my view on life as well as leaving me with less energy and sleep – or is that the Fibro?

I’m a private person and I’ve also battled anxiety and depression all my adult life. Usually alone and behind a smile.

Andy Williams

By profession I’m a freelance digital marketer. I’ve been in the industry for just¬† 14 years. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients in may sectors returning improved organic traffic, increased online sales and an improved online presence. I love nothing more than creating winning online campaigns.

I also love nothing more than using my skills to also create experiments at home.

Seeing how far you can go with social media and online marketing is awesome. My favourite “project” to date was creating a band called “Graeme Benge”, scoring an online hit single with them from nothing an just one month. Building the audience and the campaign became rather addictive. To the point where a little part of me still believes the band were real. A reunion could be on the cards if the band could just put their differences behind them.

Andy Williams Stand Up ComedianAt one stage it was Andy Williams Comedian. For a while I tried my hand at comedy. Over the years I have taken a show to the Edinburgh Fringe with my mate and writing partner, created a BBC comedy winning short film and tried my hand at stand up comedy. Comedy is a great way of coming out of yourself without reveling yourself 100%. Hiding behind a mask can allow you to become whoever you want to be. Making people laugh is an amazing rush and an awesome feeling. Coming off of stage after a good gig is explainable and very addictive. Of course, they aren’t all good gigs…

Writing and creating comedy is a labour of love but so rewarding when you get to the end result. Starting with an idea and turning it into a piece of work is so satisfying.

For now the comedy is on hold, the plan is to take to the stage once more and delight (ahem) the audiences with my witty banter.

Stone RosesI’m known as a bit of a music snob. My taste isn’t for everyone and most usually refer to my taste as listening to bands no one has ever heard before. I’ve also been told “I don’t like any music” because I don’t go for mainstream music. Listen I know what I like and it’s usually the right music haha. My interest first truly evolved in the 90’s around the same time as the so called Britpop and Indie scene in the UK. Having grown up with really dire music factory trashy pop of the late 80’s it was amazing to be caught up in the rave and indie scene in the early 90’s. The Stone Roses broke the mould I was used to. Hearing “I Wanna Be Adored” first got my ears interested in “real” music. No more factory churned out rubbish.

Music to me has to move me in some way for me to be interested. It’s a hugely important part of my life and there is nothing better than discovering a new band. That moment a new track you have never heard before grabs you within the first 10 seconds is a cracking feeling.

A football (soccer) fan since the age of 9, I was a regular watching Arsenal while they were at Highbury. Since the stadium move and my move further down south in the UK, I’m not so regular. The cost of watching the team who sell the most expensive tickets in Europe takes its toll. Football was my first love and I played it to the same level as a majority of most wannabe footballers in the UK – good old Sunday league.

When I found that the younger players were starting to ghost past me with ease and I could no longer even kick them in the air, I knew it was time to call it a day and turn to running.

So that is me, Fibro Warrior and a bit more.

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