Basingstoke 10k 2015 – Runner Vs Fibro

Basingstoke 10kWednesday 13th May – The Basingstoke 10k in aid of St Michael’s Hospice.

Once of my favourite races of the year. A friendly 10k run in my old town of Basingstoke.

Usually this is the start of a list of races I will under take through the rest of the year but this year it will be the last timed run I will under take until The Great South Run in October.

With the dreaded Ultra looming in September, after Wednesday it will be hardcore training, trying to get the miles under my belt. The times of my runs wont matter any more just the time spent pounding the streets.

However, Wednesday I am looking/hoping for a 10k PB. Training suggests its possible but my faithful body suggests I am going to have to fight for it.

Yeap, its like clockwork, a race comes over the horizon and so does a flare up.

You can set your watch by them.

It’s so disheartening. You train and train, you try to get yourself ready to compete and BANG, Fibro decides that might not be possible.

I’ve run while flaring loads of times. It’s not enjoyable but its possible. But in order to put in a time that you are proud of you need all the elements to be in your favor (while flaring).

No wind

Warm but not too hot

Firm underfoot – so no rain the day before

And a touch of luck that you can blank out the pain after that first step.

To date training has been slightly more back on track. The sun is out more, the weather is warmer and the runs are starting to get longer. My Nike app has been recording everything and it’s actually been a huge help. Before I have used a watch, which has been perfect but having the updates fed to my ear as I go have proved much better. The music is on, the pain is being put to the back of my mind and my times are being passed via the app. And so far so good. That isn’t to say it doesn’t hurt, of course it does but I’m training. And that was the first hurdle I was struggling with this year.

However on the back of my last long run I did get home out of breath and so I stayed for the rest of the evening, chest also hurting. This is unlike me, I can usually recover quickly (as in breath back etc).

A warning sign that I have done too much? I don’t know. But something to keep an eye on.

But on to Wednesday…

Tomorrow is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. It would be great to set a PB on the back of that and give Fibro another kicking.

The weather forecast at the moment – Perfect.

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