The Brighton Marathon 2016 – The Journey Begins

The Brighton Marathon 2016

The Brighton Marathon 201631st December 2015 I made a New Year resolution to myself.

Usually I don’t bother. I don’t get on with them. I usually make resolutions that just set me up to fail or ones I don’t stand a hope in hell in keeping. But that’s me. I’m always doing it. I aim high in the hope I fall halfway down, which usually means I’ve managed to achieve something.

Over the last few years I’ve stopped. I just want to get on and just do the best with the year that I can.

But this New Year I decided to make one – to get this blog well and truly up and running. And to update it as much as possible.

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Crying Quietly In The Shower

In The Shower

Crying In The ShowerCoping with chronic pain is tough.

Coping with it everyday is hell. There is no let up. None at all. We are all on pain killers but in truth they don’t help. The reality is that they just make you feel worse.

And of course coping with constant pain day after day all over your body means that something has to give.

Keeping a brave face on-show is just as tough as living with the pain. At some point you have to release the pressure. Most Fibro suffers hate people seeing their pain and so they smile, or try to. We don’t want to be defined by this condition.

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5 Reasons I Run With Fibromyalgia

5 Reason I Run With Fibromyalgia

Andy WilliamsLike all Fibro sufferers I wake in pain.

I spend all day trying to fight the continued pain just to get comfy, just to live my every day life.

I try to put a smile on, I try to hide the limping, I try not to make a noise every time I move that shows I am suffering. I don’t want to be seen as a sufferer. I want people to see me as Andy. The only problem is Fibro has taken Andy. No matter how much I try and fight I spend most of my time wishing I was still him, constantly hunting for him and wishing I could just spend 1 day with him again.

But there is one thing I do that is him. I may not have the same look on my face when I am doing it as I used to but it’s my “normal”.

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Basingstoke 10k 2015 – Runner Vs Fibro

Basingstoke 10k

Basingstoke 10kWednesday 13th May – The Basingstoke 10k in aid of St Michael’s Hospice.

Once of my favourite races of the year. A friendly 10k run in my old town of Basingstoke.

Usually this is the start of a list of races I will under take through the rest of the year but this year it will be the last timed run I will under take until The Great South Run in October.

With the dreaded Ultra looming in September, after Wednesday it will be hardcore training, trying to get the miles under my belt. The times of my runs wont matter any more just the time spent pounding the streets.

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A Little Bit Of Sun Makes All The Difference

Running In The Sun

The Sun Is OutSo far in 2015 I have struggled hugely with getting out the door running.

Fibro has been the main cause, a change in job has also played it’s part in taking up my time but in truth any excuse has easily held me back and put me on the sofa instead of out in the street running.

It’s something that isn’t like me. Since being diagnosed I have been able to at the very least have the frame of mind to be able to try and take this thing head on. But recently I have failed and that has got me down.

None of this is any help when you have set up your first UltraMarathon in September.

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1000 Day Of Pain

Tired of Fibomyalgia

Fibro TirednessHaving been laid up for around a month with a flare up that just refused to go, I finally got out the door for a run the other day.

The relief of running was amazing.

I always worry when I am struck down with a flare up that this might be the time that I may actually have to think about stopping running once and for all. The doubt that comes into my mind is unavoidable. As the days pass and I’ve still been unable to put my trainers on I start to worry. Running is my “normal” and to lose it would be a harrowing loss. Despite everything I have fought over the last three years, losing the ability to run, to be competitive, to be sporty – well the thought leaves me cold.

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Stubbington 10k 2015 – Sometimes it doesn’t make sense

The start, Stubbington 10K race

Stubbington 10kThere are times when a race goes a certain why and you can’t explain it.

Leading up to the Stubbington 10k I wasn’t feeling it. All training had hurt, which in itself is normal thanks to this curse that is Fibromyalgia but I wasn’t getting past the wall. When I train I never get past the pain but there comes a point when you feel like you turn a corner. It becomes looser. Your not stiff, you feel like you have fuel in the legs and you feel you have the ability to kick on as and when you need to.

But I hadn’t felt it.

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The Thames Path 100k – What Have I Done

Thames Path 100k Challenge

Thames Path 100k ChallengeIt seemed like a good idea, it really did.

I’ve a very stubborn mind, even with Fibromyalgia. It doesn’t matter how ill I get, I can’t turn off this competitive mind of mine. The fact that the Fibro attacks me doesn’t help. The harder it hits me the more determined I become to run harder to show it I can’t be beaten.

The reality is, I can and sometimes Fibro wins. It stops me putting on my trainers, let alone trying to run.

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Lets Start At The Beginning

Andy Williams

Running With FibroWriting a blog or having a site based around living with Fibromyalgia has been something I have been contemplating for about 2 years now.

I guess the reason I never got round to it before now is that when I sat down to think about what I would write about, I didn’t feel that I actually had anything to say. When I first thought about it I had only been diagnosed for around 6 months so I was still a “newbie” to it all. Having read other people’s stories I didn’t feel I was really in any position to record my own thoughts. Others were suffering more than me and who the hell was I to start writing about something I still didn’t truly understand.

However, here I am another two years down the line and here I am starting a blog and a site about living with Fibromyalgia.

So does that mean I am now more qualified?

Not really.

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