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Running With FibroWriting a blog or having a site based around living with Fibromyalgia has been something I have been contemplating for about 2 years now.

I guess the reason I never got round to it before now is that when I sat down to think about what I would write about, I didn’t feel that I actually had anything to say. When I first thought about it I had only been diagnosed for around 6 months so I was still a “newbie” to it all. Having read other people’s stories I didn’t feel I was really in any position to record my own thoughts. Others were suffering more than me and who the hell was I to start writing about something I still didn’t truly understand.

However, here I am another two years down the line and here I am starting a blog and a site about living with Fibromyalgia.

So does that mean I am now more qualified?

Not really.

I’m no doctor, I’ve not discovered any magical cure. I thought I had at one stage but the truth it it was possibly more placebo than anything else and that soon wore off. Nope, I doubt I am any more qualified than I was two years ago. But I have read alot about it and tried to understand what the hell this is. And the one thing I have found out is that ever since I was diagnosed, I hear “Fibromyalgia” all the time.

When I was first diagnosed I didn’t have a clue what this was and I had never heard of it before. Turns out more people than you could imagine suffer from it.

So there are a couple of reasons I have got round to starting this blog/site:

  • To raise awareness of this invisible disease
  • To help people who don’t suffer to understand what the hell this is
  • To try and inspire people to become more active while suffering
  • To provide another voice to prove we are not alone
  • And to meet like people so that together we may be able to make living with this illness more bearable

One of the reasons above I mentioned was trying to inspire people to get active again.

You see, one of the things I have refused to let go is running. I love to run, I have to run, I have to be active. I have always been sporty, it’s my frame of mind. And I refuse to lose it or let go of it – and I am as sure as hell not going to let some crappy illness take it away from me.

This doesn’t mean I don’t go through hell to continue running. It hurts, man alive it hurts but it keeps me sane. It keeps me winning.

The down side to running is that everyone thinks you are no longer ill. “Well if you can still run you must be feeling better”. Oh boy far from it. There are times when it kills. But Fibro has presented me with this challenge. The challenge to keep running or to be active. To refuse to give in to it.


In a way I am lucky because I ran before I was diagnosed and I never gave it up. I know there are others who had to stop. The pain was too intense and as a result starting again is hell on earth.

Andy WilliamsMaybe, just maybe sharing my journey I can help people make that move. How amazing would that be. For me running also allows me to have that brain space that is “me”. And if I can help people get that brain space back for them then recording my thoughts, my runs and my journey then that is one more person beating Fibro. And quite frankly that sounds perfect.

So, here I am, at the beginning.

I aim to be totally honest and to give a true account. All the ups and all the downs. All the aches and all the pain. All the doubts and all the dark places. But smiling as much as possible along the way.

I hope you enjoy the site and enjoy the blog. Join me.

And please, feel free to get in touch.

Together we are stronger.



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  • January 14, 2015 - 11:14 am | Permalink

    Hello! I just read your story over on Counting My Spoons, very inspiring. I think it’s brilliant that you run and that it helps you. We are all individual and I’m glad you have decided to write your blog. I don’t think it should be a contest of how much we suffer, we’re all in this fibro hell hole together. I get what you mean though, I used to be very active and walked for miles each day. I used to think that I had no authority to comment on things as I was doing so well. I’m now at the other end of the scale and working up from rock bottom. Both ends of the scale are difficult and there are things to be learned from everyone, no matter where they are on it. I think those like you who are very fit and active give us something to aim for. It shows that it’s achievable. We may not reach the same level but I think it is so important to move as much as you can when you have fibro- the less you do, the less you are able to do. It’s hellishly difficult but it is doable. I’ve went from being bed bound to doing a 30min walk each day. It’s taken weeks and weeks but it’s progress! I may never get back the fitness I had but this is better than nothing. Incidentally, you might be interested in this blog if you haven’t come across it yet: Good luck with your training!

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